Duality of the flesh 1996-1997

In this photographic series, I explore the sensuousness and intimacy of the human body, by valuing its alien and fascinating dimensions and accentuating to the grotesque its components. To create the work, I took a scientific approach, isolating aspects of the body and decontextualizing them in order to scrutinize their different elements.This process takes place in a disciplined, rigorous and exhaustive way. I create collections of fleshy pieces presented in an enumerative and seemingly objective fashion that suggests clinical photography.

However this apparent objectivity is disturbed by the real and ethereal appearance  of the body parts which are somehow seductive. The images are thus paradoxally seductive and clinical. They reveal secret intimacies of the body that thwart a fetishistic reading. The photographs invite attentive examinations of the viscous, the pulpy, the hard, the porous, the ephemeral and the perishable. They arouse complex and contradictory feelings about that frail and infinite vessel, the human body and ultimately lead us to question our own mortality and existence.