The Silence of Being 1998-2000

The Silence of Being focuses on the human body and how it is depicted through photography. It features naked, solitary and anonymous bodies suspended in a black abyss, caught in ambivalent physical and mental states. I am interested in a representation of the body that awakens a sense of self-experience and addresses conditions of being. I explore photography’s ability to transgress the intangible and reveal the disconcerting closeness between intimate feelings of pleasure and pain, intimacy and distance.

Inspired by Renaissance and Baroque depictions of the body, I use chiaroscuro lighting and cross processing of the negative to accentuate the corporeality of the body such as discolorations or blemishes on the skin. I am interested in photography’s privileged link with reality, paradoxically blurring and emphasizing the line between “what was there” and “what is represented.”