The Body Ineffable (self-portrait) 2010

Les maux non-dits (autoportrait)

2010 | 2:04 extrait | 6:28 (mode continu)

The inspiration for this work came from her experience working with flat-bed scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the creation of Vitruvian Me and other self-portraits for the series The Body Ineffable. By mechanically, impartially and exhaustively examining her own body, she reflects on the relationship between the body and technology.

This life-size composite video projection is made from over fifty distinct but continuous two minute videos that each records a different part of the front of her body as she stands still in her studio. The individual video sequences were stitched together then overlaid with a MRI scan of the artist’s body taken in a medical clinic. The audio component is comprised of the sounds emitted by the MRI machine and other ambient noises recorded during the MRI session.